My Bird’s Eye View

My love for photography started at quite a young age. I can remember being allowed to borrow my mom’s film camera only on very special occasions like when I went away on a school trip. Having the importance of how each photo was (as it was film back then) and always being too scared to “waste” a precious photo. When I got my first camera phone I couldn’t have been happier, but it wasn’t until the age of 23 that I got my first camera from my then boyfriend (now husband) who saw the real passion I had for this fine art and invested in me.

For our first anniversary my husband spoiled me with my first DSLR and it’s been pure love and enjoyment ever since. Photography is a rather expensive hobby, especially with South Africa’s poor exchange rate. I am still very much an amatuer photographer and learn more and more about this art every single day.

Photography means seeing the world differently. Watching and looking for the light, for the right angle, for the right pose, the right perspective. I learnt a lot when I was fortunate enough to be Chantel Andrews (now Oosterberg) assistant from Vitabella Photography. I also learn a lot when I attend the local johannesburg insta-meets although this generally means waking up at some crazed time to catch the sunrise. I have also been fortunate enough recently to do some product photography for the wonderful Andrea Fox from the Clay Fox which has shown me the importance of investing in the right equipment and having the right natural light. I can’t wait to share my portfolio with you!

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