So today marks exactly 1 year, 1 month and 1 day since Chris and I tied the knot and we started our lives as the ‘Hamlyn Family’!

Our wedding was a beautiful sun-shiny whirlwind day!


Every wedding blog post I see is generally a case of “look how amazing my wedding was”.  Well, weddings ARE amazing. But…they’re also a lot of hard work, one way or another, especially DIY weddings.

I have a lot of friends who battled to make the ‘big decisions’ for their wedding, like venue, date, photographer, dress etc.

For us, our wedding was filled with firsts, we picked the first venue we saw, we picked the first photographer we meet, I bought the first dress I tried on. In terms of that, Our wedding was super easy.

The hard part was, we picked our very remote, DIY venue on an old sugar cane farm, Jex Etstate, before we both got job offers 650km away…I bought my dress 8 months before our wedding, as I really wanted to do it with my mom before I moved 650km away…We had to plan our wedding from 650km away, away from 95% of our friends and family…We had to get all the DIY elements of our wedding to our remote venue 650km away…and there were a fair amount of DIY elements as we did our wedding on a very tight budget (and we still overspent!)

I think you get the picture. If you asked me in the 3 months leading up to and after our wedding, if I would have a wedding or elope, I would have said “ELOPE!” in a heart beat.

Our wedding, as magical as it was, involved a lot of (rather lonely) sweat and tears.


But looking back now, just over a year later, would I do it all again? For sure! In a heart beat.

I am so grateful to every single person who played a role in our wedding, one way or another. We are blessed to have some truly remarkable people in our lives.

We chose to have a morning wedding, as both Chris and I are both (slightly) anxious people and the thought of sitting through a whole day of “waiting” just did not sit well with us. We opted for an early 10am wedding on the 8th of the 8th (because Chris’s favourite number is 5 and mine is 3, so 5+3= 8, and now he’ll never forget {payback for proposing on Star Wars day!}).

Having a morning wedding means setting up 90% of everything the night before, so with an army of helpers, that’s what we did.

We set up the tents we had bought (hiring a marque was out of our budget), we set up the hired tables and chairs, we set up the flowers (we ordered bunches from an amazing little florist and friends bought gorgeous ones from their garden). We did the arrangements ourselves in the jars we had collected and cleaned for months, we set up the table runners and bunting (which one of my bridesmaids organised) and we set up the place-mats which were old records that I spray-painted in silver, we put out the cute little “thank you” keepsake wooden hearts and “guest canvas” (which another of my bridesmaids organised for us), we set up the drinking bottles we’d bought and washi taped (because hiring glasses was expensive!), and my bridesmaids cut out the programmes that I designed, till the wee hours of the morning and we laughed and we bonded and it was fantastic (but it was also a little, tiny, squeegee, bit stressful)!

We also chose to have our photos after our reception, as this allowed us to spend maximum time with our friends and family and to get that amazing “golden hour light” in the late afternoon (scroll all the way down for the beach photos).

Our wedding was a small, intimate occasion with only 50 of our closest friends and family, some of whom came from as far as Australia to be with us.

Venue: Jex Estates

Cake: Cupcakez- Carries Cake Boutique

Flowers and Bouquet: Bouwer Flowers

Dress and Veil: Lady Di Exclusive Boutique (Veil was made by me -not recommended- hahaha)

Bridesmaids Dress: These were made by a lovely family friend

Hair and Make-up: Lindsay from Nixon Make-up

Photographer: Louis from Momentography

(If you’re looking for a photographer, be it for your wedding or for family or portraits, Louis is your guy and we highly recommend him!)






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