At the beginning of 2017, I saw a shift away from resolutions and that choosing a word to lead, or rather guide, your year had gained popularity. Although the concept of choosing a Guiding Word for the Year has been around for a while, I only saw it take off last year, maybe that’s because I was a little late to the party or because last year I started being more selective with the people I follow and who I allow to have an influence in my life?

Anyway…After choosing a word for 2017, I now believe in the concept of choosing a guiding word and the positive impact it can have on your year and your life and am happy to have finally settled on my guiding word for 2018!

Skwirlybird | Guiding Word 2018 | Positive

My 2017’s word was Grow. It was a great word, it is a great word, but I chose this word with very little direction, and although I had a basic goal to work towards and a plan in my head, it’s a plan that I was not accountable to. Towards the end of 2017 I found myself setting goals for my self, and I found this made the concept of Growing far more achievable.

I started the year off wanting to Grow as a person, to learn new things and to do more. But did I achieve growth last year? Yes, however, am I fully aware of what that growth was? Not so much…

I believe if I had created a checklist though, it would look a bit like this

  • Grow physically stronger
  • Grow healthier
  • Grow mentally stronger
  • Grow in confidence
  • Grow in knowledge
  • Grow in career
  • Grow friendships
  • Grow relationships
  • Etc, etc, etc.

My 2017, wasn’t a great year, it could’ve been so much more, but life happens and that’s ok. Learning to forgive myself for what has been, what has happened, what hasn’t happened is all part of the process and part of my GROWth.

And thus, as a result of my 2017 learnings and reflections…This year I want to do things a little differently from JUST having a guiding word, this year I’ve decided to do a “Guiding List” WITH my guiding word for 2018!

This year, 2018, I have chosen the word: Positive

Skwirlybird | Guiding Word 2018 | Positive

Why Positive? Shouldn’t I be positive anyway? Yes, we should all try to be positive but often I live pessimistically and I’d really like to be a bit more of an optimist. I have a keen interest in Positive Psychology and the benefits it can have on ones well-being. I find myself often sinking into negative thoughts, having gone through depression and dealing with anxiety on a day to day basis… It’s so easy to slip into a negative mindset and thus, the reason why I’ll be focusing on trying to have a more Positive Attitude and Energy in 2018 and working towards a happier, healthier Skwirlybird.

But WHY do I want a list as well?

Because choosing just one word to represent and guide my life for a whole year just isn’t going to cut it for me in 2018. 2018 has already started with a BANG and I feel that I need a list to keep me accountable.

This is why I have started a list to keep my focus. This is not a set-in stone list, but rather a list I hope to grow and work on daily, an ever evolving list to keep me on course:

  • Seek out the positive in situations
  • Seek out positive people
  • Grow positive relationships
  • Grow positive friendships
  • Be positive (Not that optimist wishy washy happy go lucky positive, but actually just knowing that things will be ok)
  • Positive facial expressions – Smile more (simple but often easier said than done)
  • Be positive in the face of adversity
  • Positive body language – Laugh more
  • See the positive growth in myself and others
  • Have a positive mindset
  • Set positive health goals
  • Make positive changes in my life
  • Positive goal setting

Skwirlybird | Guiding Word 2018 | Positive


Some ways in which I see my year being more Positive in 2018 is by creating:

  • More me time
  • More yoga time
  • More outside time
  • More family time
  • More time with friends
  • More down-time
  • Monthly intention lists

I’ve created this list so that I have something to keep going back to, to keep me accountable, to reflect on and to keep me on course. I hope to add to this list as 2018 goes on and to note where I am achieving my goals and where I am not, so that I can make, and keep making, ‘Positive’ changes.

I’ve tried to word my list in an encouraging way, removing words like “stop and don’t” which have a way of bringing out the pessimist inside. By not listing things I need to stop but rather listing things I need to do more of, do full stop, to shift my attention from the negatives and rather to focus on the positives I hope to keep myself in a positive, optimist mindset. If you’re at all interested in Positive Psychology, it word be great to chat.

As part of making this year a better one, I recently did the 2018 Clarity Mapper Workshop with Candice Clark and wow it was amazing. Often my head is fuzzy and so busy I don’t even know where to start or what direction I am going in. I created a dream board for the first time and I’m so excited to keep working on it and to see where 2018 takes me, or where i take it 😉

Here’s to more goal setting, achieving and path making!


If you’d like to read up more about choosing your word and why it may benefit your life maybe check out these links – Blessing Manifesting and HuffPost-choosing your guiding word.



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