They say third time lucky, well let’s hope that’s the case for me this time around, because I really don’t want to do this again anytime soon, hahaha, 3’s a charm and that’s what we’re sticking with, 3 is also my favourite number so it’s a sign!

If you didn’t know. I don’t have a degree. Shock, horror! This 28 year old lass ain’t got no papers. Yep. But it’s not from a lack of trying. Life just had other plans for me. But now I have big plans for my life and this is the first step in making my big dreams come true.

Skwirlybird | Back to School V3

I’ve been wanting to start studying again for a while, but the timing was never right, and we never really had the money.

But this year we’ve found the money (and we’ll be finding the rest from somewhere) for me to be able to register for a BA in Health and Social Sciences, specializing in Counselling.

This is my third attempt at getting a degree, the first time round I did well, and I did badly, both failing subjects and getting merits in others. My life was upside down and I was in an extremely bad place in my life. After many tears and getting rather ill, I gave up my BSc dreams and went off into the real working world. During this time I managed to get my Montessori Pedagogy Certificate and found my love for working with children. I learnt a lot, I grew up a lot, and decided to register for a Bachelor of Social Work in 2015, however, after many life curve-balls, it just wasn’t working out and I decided not to continue down this road.

Skwirlybird | Back to School V3

It’s been 3 years since then, and we are now in a far more stable place, our lives have a bit more normal-lacy, and I’m finally finding my feet and direction. It’s rather strange doing first year with one of the very special girls I used to be an Au pair to, but life has a way of kicking you in the pants and telling you to get on with it.

I’m forever grateful to my husband for all his support, guidance and encouragement. To amazing friends and family and a secret study buddy, I’m excited to see where this takes me.

And to myself, for caring enough about me, to follow my dreams.


Skwirlybird | Back to School V3

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